What Is Velvet Fabric And How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains?

What Is Velvet Fabric And How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains?

We often use the term “velvety”, meaning soft. The word takes its meaning from its namesake fabric, velvet. The soft, smooth fabric is the epitome of luxury. For several years, velvet has always been a fixture of home décor and fashion design. Besides, the high-end feel and appearance of the fabric make it an ideal fabric for fantastic design.


What is Velvet Fabric?

Velvet is a luxurious, soft fabric characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers making a smooth nap. Velvet comes in a beautiful drape with a unique soft and shiny appearance. It is a popular fabric used in making beautifully styled curtains, upholstery fabrics, pillows, and dresses for special occasions. Traditionally manufacturers made velvet from silk. However, manufacturers use several other materials, such as cotton, linen, mohair wool, and synthetic fibers, to make the velvet fabric.


The History of Velvet Fabric

Manufacturers designed the first velvets from silk, which were incredibly expensive. Only the royals and nobles could only access the velvets. For the first time, velvets were introduced in Baghdad in 750 AD. However, production started spreading to the Mediterranean countries and spread throughout Europe.

The introduction of a new form of technology lowered the production cost during the Renaissance. During the period, Florence, Italy, emerged as the dominant center for production.


Types of Velvets

The soft, smooth, and aristocratic velvet fabric comes in several varieties, and it is because the manufacturers weave the fabric from various materials using a variety of methods.


Crushed velvet

The fabric has a crushed look that manufacturers give to the material by twisting the fabric when wet or pressing the pile in various directions. The fabric has a shiny appearance with a unique texture.


Panne velvet

Panne velvet is a type of crushed velvet where manufacturers apply heavy pressure to the material and push the pile. You can find similar patterns in knit fabrics like velour, made for polyester, which is not the original velvet.


Embossed velvet

It is a printed fabric created by a heat stamp. Manufacturers place the heat stamp on the fabric and apply pressure to the fabric, pushing down the piles to create the pattern. Designers use embossed fabric for designing various home décor and design materials, such as upholstery materials and curtains.


Reasons Why Velvet Fabrics Make the Best Curtains

Velvet curtains are classic and regal

Velvet is a fabric that exudes regal style and grace. Using the fabric for your curtains instantly transforms your home décor by giving it an elegant touch. You cannot stop appreciating velvet curtains because of the texture and the way it drapes. Pairing them with the right furniture, such as leather couches, enhances the aura of your interior.


Optimum privacy

One of the significant purposes of the popularity of velvet curtains is that they offer optimum privacy, creating a division between the interior home and exterior spaces. Velvet curtains are ideal for bedrooms and dining rooms. Apart from offering privacy, velvet curtains block light and noise coming from the surrounding environment.

Easy to style

Velvets are easy to style and come in a variety of colors that affect the mood of your room. The lighter color velvet curtains provide an elegant yet delicate look to your home. Nevertheless, dark-hued curtains are an excellent choice, especially when you give more preference to luxury.

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