How can Someone Bring in Earthy Tones by Curtains Colors?

How can Someone Bring in Earthy Tones by Curtains Colors?



Earthy tones are comfortable, rich looking and warm that adds harmony and coziness to your home environment. These colors remind us of the falling leaves in the harvest season. Whether smooth and sophisticated, rough and rustic, or dainty and feminine, the earthy tone palettes go with almost all types of décor. It all depends on the specific hues you select and the style of the home elements you purchase. Using the lighter versions of earth tones creates a more lustrous and natural look.

Earthy Hues: Where to Use the Tones

You can choose from a variety of tones for your décor. Ginger, copper, cinnamon, tan, umber, coffee, persimmon, pumpkin, sage, khaki, taupe and terracotta- all these earthy hues work perfectly for all room types and décor. Moreover, the earthy tones work well with each other. Therefore, it is easier to combine colors than with some other palettes.

These tones go well with cream, beige, taupe, and light gray as neutral. You can use white background to brighten your earthy tone curtains. Alternatively, you can also add furniture in black leather or black-painted furniture with the earthy tone curtains to add drama and sophistication to the décor.

Earthy tones are perfect for a variety of interior elements including:

  • Upholstery fabric
  • Window treatments
  • Pillows and beddings
  • Rugs and flooring
  • Countertops and
  • Paint

If you are having large windows or a beautiful outdoor setting, earthy tone hues help in blending the indoors and outdoors, as the mimic the colors of the natural world.

Introducing Neutral Shades Curtains in Your Interiors

Brown Curtains

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strengths and reliability. People often relate the earthy tone hue to safety, security, sophistication, resilience and dependability. However, if you are using for a room, ensure that you have a bright interior décor. It prevents the space from looking drab and boring.

Grey Curtains

Grey has become the color in the recent times. Although people considered the hue a dark point of time, toady’s generation is fond of grey curtains. The grey toned curtains compliment your mood, making you feel confident and strong. The curtains bring the vibe of versatility, confidence and strength.

Taupe Curtains

If you are fond of traditional styles and cozy feelings sprinkled around your home, taupe curtains are an excellent choice. Taupe is an easy neutral color that makes a perfect foundation and subtle accent color. It lies between the brown and grey shades, making it a great choice for any space- formal or informal. You can find variety of shades. The warm taupe colors have red and pink undertones, whereas the cooler tones have a grey base with hints of green or yellow.

Interesting ways to use Neutral Colors in Window Treatments


A neutral pattern is an excellent choice for your window treatments, as they are both stylish and versatile. You can go for geometric printed neutral color curtains for your interior décor. Ensure that the geometric pattern of the curtains matches with other geometric elements in the room.


You can introduce neutral colored curtains by seeming various neutral tones together. The seamed drapes must blend with white and grey. Through seaming, you have endless possibilities for patterns and combinations, which means that your neutrals can never be boring.

Pops of Colors

Another way to brighten your neutral drape is with a pop of color. Adding a bit of color goes a long way while you use the neutral curtains. If you have a room with white walls and white sheer curtains, adding a persimmon stripe adds interest to the simple but elegant drapes. However, if you are having bright colors and you do not want to overwhelm your room, adding touches of color to your neutral drape will create a smart and stylish look.

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