What is Jacquard Fabric, and How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains?

What is Jacquard Fabric, and How Do These Fabrics Make Beautiful Curtains?

Every fabric has a story, and Jacquard is no exception. The fabric’s story offers the shape and takes everyone back to the time of textile weaving. The luxury material traces back to the early brocade weaves of the Byzantine Empire and makes an impression as an essential wardrobe staple. Let us drive deep to discover more about this timeless fabric.

The History of Jacquard Fabric

In the early days, weaving fabric required two people to work in large and heavy looms. The brocade fabrics were rich and intricate. Therefore, weaving the fabric was extremely slow and time-consuming. Numerous inventors worked to create a more efficient process. It was not until 1801 when Joseph Marie Jacquard, a former loom worker, created a simple and elegant solution.

He proposed a system of punch cards that would program the patterns of weaves. After three years, in 1804, Jacquard’s loom became the first programmable machine in the world. While the invention altered the future of weaving, Jacquard’s punch cards influenced from binary code to the invention of the computer.

The Jacquard Fabric: What is it?

Although modern computers replaced the punch card looms, the unique fabric still bears Jacquard’s name. Jacquard fabric refers to any patterns woven directly into the material. The weavers do not embroider, print, or stamp onto the textile. The weavers can create Jacquard using any type of weave and with any yarn.

Unlike the printed and stamped designs, Jacquard weaves come with a reverse pattern visible on the other side. The negative of the design offers a unique appeal and aesthetic. You can use your clothing or Jacquard curtains reversibly.  Although most Jacquards are woven, some are also knitted. Jacquard knit is either a single or double knit fabric made using any yarn. While the single cloth has floats, the double knits are free from floats and are reversible.

Properties of the Fabric

The merits of the fabric depend entirely on the composition. However, some characteristics are common to all. Besides Jacquard weaves have floats on the reverse side, they administer the following properties:

  • They are durable and stable.
  • They are resilient and strong.
  • They are pleasant to touch.
  • They come with decorative aesthetics.

What Makes Jacquard the First choice for Curtains

Jacquard being a type of weave and not a single material, the weavers make it with a vast range of fibers. One can make the Jacquard using cotton, silk, wool, linen, and blend. The fabrics used in creating the Jacquard weave are highly used for clothing such as shirts, ties, home décor, including upholstery, draperies, curtains, tables, and bed linen. The weavers can create beautiful designs using their imagination, including floral, stripes, paisley, and polka dots. They can even create large and detailed intricate patterns that depict an entire story.

Apart from the weave, here are a few more reasons why Jacquard stands apart from all other fabrics for making home décor items, such as drapes.

The complexity of the designs

Before the invention of the Jacquard loom, the weavers used to create patterns with their hands, which involved labor and time. Today, the weavers weave the highly detailed motifs automatically in a much shorter time. However, the secret of creating the motifs lies in controlling the warp yarns. The looms create patterns by selecting and lifting these yarns.

The number of colors incorporated

Modern technologies made it possible to create sophisticated designs using a large or small repeat in the desired color range. The weavers can leave anything using a single color pallet or multiple color pallets. You can opt for the Jacquard curtains in abstract shapes, geometric patterns, flora and fauna, and even in complex figures.

Impressive weight

It measures approximately 250 gram/m3, which helps in protecting your room from harmful sunrays. Furthermore, Jacquard curtains offers a cozy twilight even when the sun is at its highest point.

Wear resistance

Jacquard drapes and curtains do not fade or stretch out. The material is well washable and prevents any mechanical damages.

Easy to care

The curtains do not absorb water. Therefore, you can eliminate any contamination with a wet cloth and remove heavy stains in a washing machine.


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