Are Custom Drapery Really Worth It?

Are Custom Drapery Really Worth It?

Despite the flourishing market for shades and blinds, the timeless classic beauties, curtains, and drapes continue to rule over the heart. The draperies serve as the best window treatments when all fail to work. Besides, they add a luscious and luxurious look and feel to your interiors and add a warmth and softness to your décor, which indeed lifts any spirit. The full-length curtains running from the ceiling to the floor offer an elegant and regal look to your interiors. Undoubtedly, the sheer charm of the draperies keeps the market for curtains and draperies unchallenged.


Reasons Why Customized Draperies are the Best Choice

Most people prefer customized draperies to readymade ones for the following reasons:

Size remains no longer a concern

Size is one of the biggest problems in draperies that most buyers experience. The readymade draperies meet the requirements of the standard-sized windows. However, choosing readymade draperies for meeting the needs of a unique and specific window is not an excellent choice. You might experience issues with the length, which require multiple alters. On the other hand, customized draperies fulfill the needs of large and unique windows, and therefore size is never a concern.


Varied choices

Customized drapes come in endless options in terms of design, fabric, and patterns. If you are looking for fabric to match your walls or an exclusive print, a custom drape is an ideal choice. With a plethora of options to choose from in the custom drape, buyers often have trouble selecting the one that suits their interiors. With the readymade curtains, you will have to compromise somewhere and lose the uniqueness.


Assurance of quality

Manufacturers make readymade curtains in bulk. Therefore, they are less expensive and have lower quality and minute details standards. Moreover, you might also find the difference in the prints, color, length, and other features of the curtains. Sometimes the readymade curtains also have poor stitching, where the hems tend to come off. Furthermore, these curtains come folded in small packets that cause wrinkles and creases to appear on them, which are tough to remove.

On the other hand, manufacturers give special attention to custom-made drapes and their minute details. The professionals take all the measurements accurately and give utmost care while cutting, hemming and fabrication before it passes through the final round of inspection.


Quality linings

Linings help protect your drapes from sun fading, creating depth and hiding the stitch marks of the drapes. However, most store-bought curtains do not come with linings and therefore fade off faster. Even if the manufacturers add linings to the readymade curtains, they are of low quality and tend to shrink or pucker after a few days. Customized curtains come with linings made only from the best quality fabric, ensuring the drapes' better longevity.


How Worthy are Customized Drapes?

Readymade drapes, despite their cons, rule the market. However, if we consider the aesthetics, visual appeal, uniqueness, durability, functionality, and quality of the custom-made drapes, they have a higher score than the readymade drapes. Moreover, as people think of custom-made draperies as a significant investment that requires high cost, in actuality, they do not necessarily cost much as you might think. Furthermore, custom drapes are the best, as you will never have to worry about their size, yet you do not have to spend the entire budget on them.

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