What is Trending now in Window Covering?

What is Trending now in Window Covering?

With the spread of the minimalist style of décor, the role of window treatment or window covering in the interior design received tremendous underrating. People started considering the window covering a waste of time and money. Whether you prefer installing curtains, valances and blinds, they serve as the last piece of the puzzle within room décor. However, you need to make an appropriate choice, and it will surely become a statement style of yours.


Remember, a perfect window treatment must fit with the peculiarities of the room, and update your interior design. Therefore, we encourage you to accompany us with the adventurous journey of decorating and redecorating your interiors with the trending window coverings, styles, fabrics and colors.


Let us discover the window treatments trends of 2022!


Window Covering Trend 2022: Colors


The core principles behind the trends include simplicity, functionality, and naturalness. Designers are looking for the tendencies in the color palette applied for window coverings. Designers and interior experts prefer the use of the following color palette in the coverings:


  • Neutral tones: particularly beige or milk that would create a soft effect on the décor and the environment.
  • Natural hues: such as green, brown, purple and blue that would emphasize the beauty of the nature, and bring it closer.
  •  Bold shades: such as chocolate tones, navy blue and peachy tones that are perfect for making a style statement.


Window Covering Trend 2022: Fabrics and Prints


In the view of the expert designers, fabrics like cotton and linen became the new trend for designing window coverings. If you are looking for denser material, velvet is an excellent choice. You can switch from the lightest to the densest fabrics, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
When it comes to the prints, you can always go for a bold approach. Experts suggest considering fascinating prints that refer to unusual floral patterns and tropical colors. Remember, these prints and colors look beautiful in the living room.


Window Covering Trend 2022: Modern Styles


When it comes to the design of the window curtains, ensure to start with a particular style. We prepared a list including the best options in 2022.


English Curtains

These are decorative curtains, and fit perfectly in your bedroom, nursery, and living room. The speciality of the draped include hanging of ribbons on both the sides, which makes it convenient for rooms receiving poor light.


French Curtains


A specific style of curtain that might not match with the interior décor. You can consider these curtains for a classic or barbeque setting. The peculiarity of the curtains lies in the expensive look of the fabrics, and stands out to its voluminous appearance. If you decide to go an extra mile, you might consider a lambrequin. The French curtains are a perfect fit for the living rooms.


Classic Curtains


The classic curtains is a combination of large curtains and tulle. Due to variation in colors, prints and fabrics, you can install them in any room. the most common feature of these curtains is the lambrequin that covers the hanging rod and completes the interior décor. Remember not use these curtain in a room having low ceiling.


Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are a perfect fit for the kitchens, as their convenient structure adds functionality to the space. Usually the Roman blinds include fabrics like cotton, jute or linen, placed on slats to form the construction. They are highly practical to use, and covers much space. These blinds create an impressive look within a hi-tech environment or a retro-styled room.


Window coverings are one of the most important aspects of your home. The right window covering can increase privacy, provide insulation, and protect against noise or light pollution while still allowing some natural light in to brighten up a room. It is easy for people to get overwhelmed by all the different types of window coverings that are available on the market today because there is such an abundance. We hope this blog post has helped you narrow down what type might be best for you.

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