Are Roman Shades Going Out of Style in 2022?

Are Roman Shades Going Out of Style in 2022?

Romans shades are popular window treatments in many modern houses. With high quality and aesthetics, they come in a wide range of fabrics and other materials. Often you need operating them with either a traditional cord or chain drive mechanism. Depending on the style you choose, Roman shades offer your interiors a soft and robust touch.

Roman Shades: What are they?

Manufacturers make Roman blinds from fabrics designed to fold and pleat when raised. The blinds include mounting slats connected to the cords set at the back of a fabric panel. When you lift the blind, the cords pull the slats together, forcing the blinds to fold into pleats.

From silk and linen to cotton and fabricated materials, manufacturers used various types of fabrics for making Roman blinds. With huge variety of colors, patterns and textiles, the Roman blinds serve as an excellent alternative to curtains. They function very much like roller shades. When you extend the Romans blinds, they display a refined, textured touch, which can complement just about any personal décor.

Why Choose Roman Blinds for Your Interior Décor?

Roman blinds stand as the simplest and most versatile window treatments. They enhance your interiors while protecting bright sunlight and heat. Enlisted are the reasons why you should choose Roman blinds as an effective interior décor.

They are versatile


Thanks to the unique design, you can use Roman blinds in any room, even in your bedrooms. All you require is choosing the right fabric and color for the décor. If you have a minimalist home with simple and sleek furnishing, go for Roman blinds in white cotton fabric. If you are looking for a traditional look, opt for floral corduroy or charcoal crushed velvet.

Comes in several design options

Roman blinds come in a wide range of design options, with each offering your interiors a unique look and feel. Shaped fascia, borders, trimmings, piping and fabric combinations are some of the most common design options. You can find shaped fascia at the bottom of the Roman blinds that comes in two common versions- zigzag and colonial. While the zigzag version suits the kids’ rooms and bathrooms, the colonial style is quite versatile and blends well with all types of decor. Borders are a unique combination of different fabrics to suit specific color themes. Trims and piping designs are useful for adding colorful accents to your window treatments.

Energy efficient

Roman blinds are highly energy efficient, and depending on the material you choose, you can either allow in sunlight or completely block it. Besides, Roman blinds offer far better temperature control. You can pull them open during the winter months to allow most sunlight and heat, and close them during the summer months to prevent overheating the interiors.

Ease of customization

Roman blinds allows you to choose the design, color, texture, shape, size, material and functionality. Therefore, it ensures to match your taste and lifestyle and maintain the sync with the entire décor. Customization also ensures that the blinds fit your windows for maximum coverage, protection and privacy.

Will Roman Blinds Go Out of Style?

Interior designers worldwide have diverse individual style and approach. However, they agree on one thing: Roman blinds can never go out of style. Although considered suitable for traditional décor style, the Roman blinds serve as the most viable solution from a design perspective. They offer a crisp, modern look along with numerous style and color options. Roman shades are very versatile in terms of interior design style, and look great alone, or when used to create layers with drapes or curtains.

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