Curtains Colors of Valentine Theme

Curtains Colors of Valentine Theme

Here are some tried and tested colors to incorporate in you room for the bets Valentine’s Day décor.

Red Curtains

Red is the color of assertion, lust and dominance. The color symbolizes intense possession and affirmation than your love them. The red color carries a symbol that you want to be with your partner for the rest of the life. Moreover, the color represents deep passion and respect for loved ones, which is why, red, is the most common color for Valentine ’s Day. Hanging a red curtain in your living room and bedrooms exudes warmth and has a great emotional impact.

Pink Curtains

Pink stands as the color of femininity and elegance. It is a versatile color. You choose pink whenever you want to appreciate your loved ones. Researchers state that people choosing darker shades of pink have a more intense feeling of gratitude and a mysterious sense of attraction. On the other hand lighter shades of pink show gentler grace and admiration. People associate pink with red on Valentine’s Day to express love and appreciation towards your partner.

The pink color has calming properties and hence often associated with kindness and compassion. The pink color curtains helps in channeling our emotional energies and alleviates feelings of anger and resentment. Since the pink has a positive effect on personal relationships, pink curtains are perfect for your bedrooms.

Orange Curtains

Orange is a color of joy, desire and enthusiasm. The color represents joyful admiration and attraction. If you choose orange as the main color for the recipients, you want your love to be passionate, full of elevation, joy and adventure. With the color incorporated within a couple’s room, the couple achieves a sense of ecstasy and eternally embraces each other. 

The orange hue creates a color of comfort, promotes positivity and makes it easier to accept the changes. Orange curtains are perfect for dining and living rooms, where family and friends gather for meals and conversation. Introducing orange curtains create a healthy social environment that helps in rejuvenating your mind and body, making it a remarkable choice Valentine’s Day.

Purple Curtains

Purple is a color of intuition, mysticism and intensity of emotion. When you choose the color, you like and enjoy your love life with your significant other. You want the relationship to be deep, intuitive and have an understanding on the deepest personal level. The use of the hue harmonizes the two of you, allowing you to become one.

It is a rich dramatic color, often associated with royalty, passion, luxury, emotion and sensuality. It stimulates creativity and helps in creating pleasant working ambience. While deep purple drapes make living rooms look vibrant, lighter purples like lilac and lavender have a calming effect on your bedroom.

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