How do Blackout Curtains save energy?

How do Blackout Curtains save energy?

With the continuous rise in electricity costs, we all want to save the maximum on the bills. But how do we consume more energy? If you look closely, you will find numerous openings between different slats of blinds, making it difficult to control heat loss, especially during the winter months. Besides, we use a lot of gadgets and electronics to comfort and speed up our lives.

We often use a thick pair of curtains on the windows to lower electricity consumption and reduce the bills. But beware of judging the pulling it too close. Then on what the energy savings depend? It mostly depends on whether you live in an older home or a new one. But, at the same time, technology has changed a lot. Now, we have energy-saving curtains. 

Not sure about whether to opt for the new technology? Here in this article, we will explain to you every detail of energy-saving curtains.

Energy Saving Curtains


First, let us have a look and know about the energy-saving curtains. Energy-saving curtains are also referred to as thermal curtains or Blackout Curtains. These curtains consist of several layers with dense fabrics and linings that prevent transferring the heat. Mostly the thermal curtains are comprised of three layers.

The layer closest to the window reflects the heat outside during the summer and retain the heat during the winters. Mostly the manufacturers use fabrics like cotton batting, foam, or felt for the core layer, as these fabrics have a better thermal resistance. The layer that faces the room or that we see consists of decorative material to enhance the place's aura.

Some manufacturers even add another layer that acts as a vapor barrier and protects the curtain from moisture and condensation. Additionally, there is R-value associated with the curtains. So what’s the purpose of the R-value? The higher the R-value of the curtains, the greater is the thermal effectiveness.

How do These Thermal Curtains Save Energy?


The U. S. Department of Energy states that we lose 30% heat through the windows during the winters and consume more energy while keeping our house warm. Similarly, during the summers, we heat our rooms as prolonged heatwaves pass into our rooms through the windows. However, the curtains act as a barrier between the cool air and the heat.

It’s better if you opt for densely woven fabric and prevent the light from penetrating your house. As light is a source of heat, the tight weaving of the curtains contributes to thermal effectiveness.

Energy Saving Curtains: Advantages


Have you ever gone through the energy-saving tips? Yes, they suggest you install energy-efficient windows, which is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. What are you thinking? About the pocket pinch that will cost you? Relax; there’s something better for you. Better invest in blackout curtains. Why? They are less expensive compared to window blinds. In addition to these, you can even use these blind curtains to keep your room dark and enhance insulation.

If you install insulation curtains in your home, it will reduce your energy consumption. How? It facilitates the transfer of heat, keeping your rooms and house warm during the cold winter months and coolers during the hot summer months.

Installing Thermal Curtains


Are your home and office windows drafty and improperly sealed? Yes, it has a significant impact as you receive compromised treatments to these windows. What’s the solution? You need to install caulk and weather-strip if you want to reduce these drafts in your windows. Additionally, invest in establishing the best thermal drapes and curtains by Discover Curtains and reduce 25% heat loss through windows.

Opt for the hung curtains that will snug effectively against the window frame, thereby preventing airflow around the window. Readymade curtains insulations come with magnetic strips or Velcro that helps in securing the curtains to the windows. You can add a top piece to prevent warm air from flowing up and over the top of thermal drapes.

The thermal blackout  curtains by Discover Curtains come in a wide variety of ranges, styles, and designs. You can visit our web page and choose the best curtain that would help you save energy and enhance the aura of your interiors. Are you confused about the dimensions and the location you want to install it? Do not worry; we have mentioned everything along with the products.

If you want to save energy consumption, order your blackout curtains online at the lowest price now.

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