What Color Curtains to Pair With Tan Walls and Green Couch?

What Color Curtains to Pair With Tan Walls and Green Couch?

Curtains are an absolute necessity for completing a room's aesthetic. Without them, the room feels incomplete. They perform an excellent job of adding valuable style and depth into the room. Aside from visual value, they also help filter or block light as it streams into the room. 

While the tan color is a smooth neutral hue that serves as an excellent wall color for a large variety of design styles, a green couch is one-of a-kind furniture in your room. It steals the show whenever someone sees it. Because of the vast number of options, it can start to feel overwhelming to pick just the right color. Do not overthink it too much and have fun designing the space. 

Now that you are thinking about curtains that would fit your tan walls and green couch, you are probably wondering what color of curtains you should hang up. We compiled a list of curtain color ideas that would suit the décor.

Best Curtains to Pair With Tan Walls and Green Couch


Crisp White Curtains

White complements practically every color, including green and tan, and is an excellent choice to create sophisticated interiors. Crisp white curtains stand out against the creamy tan wall color. The curtain color matches that of the trim in the room, which increases the aesthetic. A curtain rod runs the length of the wall, making it perfect for holding as many panels as you see fit. It gives your room a modern and refreshing appeal, match your fashionable green couch.

Coffee Brown Curtains

Coffee brown is demanding. The dark color has the ability to really anchor the design of a room and define certain aspects of it. During the day, you can push the heavy curtain panels to the side and let sheer curtains filter the daylight. The dark wood trim further outlines areas of the room and defines the space. Adding the curtains creates a contemporary look. Brown curtains with tan walls and green couch create a soothing color combination that produces a more natural and earthy ambiance while also connecting the interiors to the outside.

Floral-printed Curtains


If you have a solid green-colored sofa, use stunning floral print curtains in your living room to highlight it. Floral curtains in marigold orange, lime yellow, navy blue, coral, and other vibrant colors will give liveliness to your living room, resulting in an attractive, refreshing, and stylish décor.

Patterned Curtains

If you are not a fan of the floral curtains, opt for patterned curtains to complement your green furnishings. Choose wide designs to avoid a busy and cluttered appearance in your living area. Curtains in neutral colors with colorful designs, such as yellow, orange, and blue, can complement any shade of green furniture and your tan walls.

White Sheer Curtains


Never overlook a pair of white sheer curtains. They provide a gorgeous, whimsical significance to the room. Sheer panels come in a variety of materials, so you will undoubtedly be able to find a look that you love. 

Beige Curtains

Beige curtains are an excellent choice for adding a softer touch to your space. The color beige exudes feelings of warmth and tenderness. Light beige curtains will contrast beautifully with warm green furnishings such as a light moss or light sage green sofa or couch. To give your home a modern appeal, pair your green couch with lovely beige-colored cushions and light neutral color carpeting.


Numerous curtain colors look combines well with tan walls and green furniture, to enhance the appearance of the space. Hope you found the guide useful in choosing the best curtain colors for your tan wall and dazzling green couch and sofa.

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