Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

While moving into your new home or rejuvenating the appearance of your existing home, curtains will be in the checklist for selection. Curtains keep the light, rays, and cold breeze from entering into our living space. Curtains add the aesthetic feel to the room attributing elegance, pleasantness, and warmth.

The trend of the present-day life is to have long curtains for the living room, bedrooms, kid’s room, and study room as well, bestowing warmth and a classy look. So, the question arises in the mind of individuals looking out for long curtains, drapes is, Can the curtains touch the ground or the floor? Is it right? Does it look good?

The curtains can hang from the rod at 1/2 inch above the floor, though it would look like they are touching the floor, there is a gap. Space avoids the curtain being damaged or brushed often at the bottom, protects the fabric, and also gives room for cleaning the floor.

There are a plethora of choices available online to choose the style of curtains and drapes you may want as living room curtains, bedroom curtains.

One may choose to have curtains hanging from the curtain rod for a length of 100-140 inches that may hit the floor. When it hits the floor, the fabric brushes the flooring and requires cleaning. If the curtain is overflowing, the curtain sure is disturbed and has to be readjusted often.

 Experts suggest two styles of draping the curtains:

Style 1: The curtains hover above the floor

These tailored curtains can appear to be great and fits in as living room curtains, bedroom curtains. Curtains appear just as perfect when it hovers a half-inch above the floor to give room for cleaning purposes. It also protects the fabric from damage when it's just above the floor. This style of hanging the curtains are best suitable for cafe, kitchens, and bathrooms. This style of hanging the curtains floats above the floor. If you go beyond giving a half-inch as the threshold, it moves to the high-water style that is not preferred by many.

 You can choose from the array of choices of curtains available online. Although they are available online, you can customize as per your taste and preference. Blackout Curtains are preferable of late by many for reasons ranging from protection from cold, keep the extra light entering into your living room. The geometric pattern of the curtain enhances the classy appearance of your home when paired with a sheer.

 Style 2: The curtains grazing the floor

The grazing drapes stop exact at the floor that appears to be a customized piece. The measurement is so meticulous that it appears to be custom made.

There are luxury curtains available that curtail 70-90% of sunlight from entering into the room. These puffed curtains on the floor add beauty and apt to be Bedroom Curtains . These soft to touch curtains add magnificence to your room. The patterns of the curtains add elegance to your living room and also in professional spaces as well. The significance of this type of curtain is the blocking of 100% of light into the area that makes it apt for undisturbed and peaceful sleep.

Style 3: The curtains pooling the floor

Drapes pooled together gives a cozy feeling whilst it requires huge maintenance of the curtains and may have to re-positioned whenever the room or the area needs some cleaning. This type of style of hanging the curtains is known as puddle finish as the excess fabric is pooled and puffed on the floor. These will be a stupendous fit for the dining areas and provides a romantic look when they are puddled on the floor and are derived from European styling. You may have a look at these Blackout Curtains that prevent about 85% of the light.


Draped Curtains are definite add-ons to the decor of your home, professional space. This drapery gives an exquisite look to your home and keeps the spirit high. You can opt for any choice of processing for your curtains from the options like Grommet, pull pleated type, rod pockets, and hooks.


For aesthetic reasons, shorter curtains make the room smaller and not in trend to the present style of hanging curtains. With the preference and drapery, you may choose which type suits you the best.


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