Style of Curtains in Farmhouses and Cabins

Style of Curtains in Farmhouses and Cabins

Window treatments are an easy addition to any space; however, choosing the right ones can be tough. Once you have figured out where you are willing to install the curtains and the purposes they serve, you can find a set that would look genuinely great without much hassle.


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In the recent years, farmhouse style has become an absolute fan favorite. However, popularity does not always make the design process easier. In fact, if you are trying to create a charming farmhouse, you have probably realized that popularity is an asset and a drawback. The modern take on the farmhouse and cabin look creates schemes slick enough to suit contemporary lifestyles and uses a controlled palette of colors. However, it incorporates the comfort, coziness and natural elements drawn from traditional country style.

Farmhouse and Cabin Curtain Ideas

Here are some of the curtain ideas that are excellent for farmhouses and cabins.


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Embroidered Curtain Fabric


orange green jungle curtain design


Never hesitate from creating contrast with other fabrics and materials, especially when you are considering farmhouse curtain ides. Pattern and color as part of considered palette will create a cozy space, without compromising the modern look.

Adding a Pop of Color


blue country style curtain


Sheer curtains are an excellent way to decorate your farmhouses and cabins. Consider versions with color as well as white and off-white drapes. The fabric will still allow light through to keep the space daylight filled while preventing glare and helping protect furnishings from the sun. Choose curtains in the hues repeated from nature are great choices.

Opt for Linen Drapes

Linen curtains are natural fabric that make excellent drapes, and another favorite for styling your farmhouse. Choose a shade of the fabric close to that of the walls, so that it results in a subtle layering of neutrals.

green linen curtain

Follow a consistent Height in Hanging the Curtains in the Farmhouse

If your farmhouse has more than one window, and all of them have different heights, ensure to position the curtain rods at the same level. You can align each curtain rod above the room’s tallest window. This approach avoids in creating the choppy effect that might have been the case if the curtain rods were placed at various starting points. Even if there is only one window in a room, hanging a curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the window will make the window seem taller. Moreover, in a farmhouse with a vaulted ceiling, it will draw the eye upwards to appreciate the room’s loftiness.

Go for A Nature-inspired Pattern

Invest in nature-inspired pattern of curtains for your farmhouse and cabin. These curtains dramatically dresses large windows like the double-height version, and treatment accentuates its grand proportions.

Green bird print drapery

Incorporate Interesting Curtain Details

With the simplicity the rustic curtains, you can incorporate some details, which would make an impression. Another way to do it is by opting for a leading edge, such as a border for the middle of the curtains. Choose a green-patterned fabric, which creates the link with the outdoors. Furthermore, the curtain patterns links well with the upholstery and other décor of the farmhouse and cabins.

purple pink drapery

Opt for a Contrasting Curtain Lining

Ivory blackout drapery


One of our favorite farmhouse curtain ideas that is wonderfully simple yet adds a decorative surprise is to line them with a second fabric. It is an ideal strategy for curtains that are required to maximize privacy.

A plain for the interior of the room along with organic pattern as the second fabric is perfect for farmhouse style schemes, and the curtains can be held back to show the contrasting fabric when they’re open during the day. Meanwhile, when they are closed, it can be seen from outside the home, adding decorative detail.


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