How High Should You Hang Your Curtains?

How High Should You Hang Your Curtains?

Have you recently moved to a new home and need helps in picking and hanging your curtains? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. The size of your curtains and the height from which you hang them will create different effects. We have done detailed research to provide you will everything you need to know about hanging curtains and achieve the desired décor.


The “right” height to hang curtains is largely one of fashion, not of function, and fashion changes over time. While it was once popular to hang curtains right over the top of the window, today, you might see curtains hanging several inches higher than that. It is because the extra height can visually stretch the windows, creating an illusion of higher ceiling and larger space.


Tips for Hanging Curtains by Ceiling Height

If your home have arched, bowed or bayed windows, shades or cafe curtains hung on inside-mounted rods tend to look best. However, using wall-mounted rods for covering standard windows, you have more flexibility in how high you hang your curtains. Hope the design guide help.


Ideal Height from the Windows to Hang Curtains


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If you have rooms with ceiling height less than 10 feet, hang curtains between three and six inches above the window frame. Hanging the rod higher creates an illusion of tall ceilings. On the other hand, if you are hanging the curtains for ceilings above 10 feet height, the recommended height is eight inches above the window.

You can even hang the curtains towards the top of the wall, near the ceiling. It is an excellent option if you have smaller rooms that you want to make feel larger. Having the rod higher on the wall can also make the window seem larger and brighter.

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Most homeowners inquire if they can hang the curtains from a rod attached to the ceiling. Of course, you can. However, if you choose this route, you will need to account for the extra height the curtain will stretch to reach from the ceiling. The look is another way of creating interest with your window dressings, and the height make your ceilings and windows taller. However, it might not be possible in rooms with high ceilings, as there is limitations in the curtain heights.

You can hang curtains at different lengths to match the look you desire for the room. Curtains that touch the floor or hang just above it create a classy, elegant look, suitable for formal settings like the dining room. For a cozier, homier look, curtains should hang to the windowsill. It is a good look for kitchens, and either option is perfectly acceptable and contributes its atmosphere to the space.

Hanging Different Size Curtains on Windows

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Curtains can touch the ground slightly or even pool onto the floor. Long curtains that trail onto the floor slightly create a romantic look, which is a good option for bedrooms. Keep in mind that curtains that puddle onto the floor tend to get noticeably dirty quicker than curtains higher off the ground. You will also need to hold or tie them up when vacuuming or sweeping. You can opt for curtains that are 95 inches long, which are long enough and allow pooling

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Even using long curtains on short windows creates the illusion of a larger window. This will help the room, and the window feel taller and brighter. If you have different size windows in the same room, use the same size curtains on all of them to make them proportionate and create harmony throughout the space.

For maximizing light in the room, opt for short curtains and valance. However, they do not assist much in offering privacy. Since valance curtains make a room appear shorter, you need to consider other options if you are working with a small space

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The ends of the curtain rod will extend three to four inches past the window frame. However, you can bring it as far as 10 inches past each side of the frame. It will make the window appear wider and more extravagant, which is an excellent trick for narrow windows. You can pair the trick with long curtains to make the window appear both taller and wider.

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