Redecorate Your Homes to Bring in the Vibe This Memorial Day

Redecorate Your Homes to Bring in the Vibe This Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day special curtains and accessories will help kick off the summer in style. The day unofficially marks the start of the season. On the day, most families prefer enjoying backyard barbeques, outdoor picnics and Al Fresco dinner parties. Of course, the day is about remembering the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the country. Therefore, a proper tribute incorporates patriotic motifs, and all American red, white and blue.

Best Ways to Decorate Your Interior on Memorial Day

Enlisted are some ways of choosing the best curtains for your summer interiors. We have put these curtains on sale so that you can choose your favorite one for the Memorial Day.

Jason Luxury Plush Velvet Curtains- Cream Green


velvet curtain

This cream green plush, luxury velvet curtains is an excellent choice for every décor. The trendy velvet panels offers significant room darkening properties. It is one of the best blackout curtains block 85% of sunlight. Since it has been manufactured using Australian mohair velvet, the curtains are super soft. The curtains will bring character to your usual living rooms, bedrooms, and office rooms.


Annapolis French Luxury Designer Silky Curtain - Beige and Blue


silk designer curtain

curtain metal tieback


Made from polyester, our beautiful luxury European designer blackout curtains blocks almost 85% of outside light. As it a blackout curtain, you can hang it in your interiors during the summer months, it keeps your room cool. We used multiple rich, thick and durable fabrics to create the exquisite look of the curtains. If you are looking for a perfect hook to hand the curtains, you can purchase brook curtain tieback holder hooks in different colors with the curtains.

Mila Luxury Embroidered Border Designer Velvet Curtain - Turquoise Blue


velvet curtain
We proudly present our beautiful luxury European designer curtains to all our customers for sale this summer. These velvet blackout curtains block 85% of outside light. This highly durable pair of curtains are perfect hanging on windows, French doors, and glass sliding doors. The custom curtains with modern patterns and palette are fusion of classic and modern drapery designs.

Astor Rideaux Yellow Blue Printed Leaf Curtain


print blackout curtains
curtain beaded tieback
We are proud to feature and sale our customers’ favorite designs. These beautiful cotton polyester curtains block between 50% and 75% of the sunlight entering the room. The pair of curtains work the best in apartments, single-family home, and even on different types of doors and windows. The unique curtain designs personalize any usual living room and bedroom. You can combine Ethan solid pearl finished curtain holdback pair to hold back the curtains, which would give a beautiful style to your curtains.

Ethan Luxury Embroidered Sheer Curtain – Brown

brown sheer curtain
Often our living rooms and bedrooms do not receive ample sunlight. If you want to enjoy privacy and sunlight together, then, this curtain is for you. You can place these curtains in your kitchen windows, French doors, glass sliding doors, and bedroom windows. These curtains look pretty on all types of windows. Measure your windows for receiving the perfect size of the curtain during our sale period.

Mila Haute Couture Italian Velvet Curtain - Burgandy Wine

velvet curtain valance
If this is your favorite design for your Memorial Day curtain styling, do not miss the sale to own it and decorate your room. The royal valances are sure to impart the perfect European look. These are perfect for your living room and bedroom. We do also customize the curtains based on our customers’ requirement.

Rémy Hollow Jacquard Luxury Curtain - Brown \ Pink

jacquard curtain
We are always by your side whenever you want to decorate your house with a style statement. We are running a sale on your favorite curtain designs. The royal blackout curtains block 85% of the sunlight. They work the best in your apartment, single-family home and hotels. The curtains will bring classic character to your usual living room and bedroom.

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