How to take care of velvet curtains?

How to take care of velvet curtains?

Velvet is a very tactile material, and therefore, anyone seeing the velvet curtain wants to go and touch them. These curtains are ideal for places where you need to block sunlight that has paramount significance. Velvet curtains absorb maximum sunlight, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and libraries. Adding velvet curtains to your room imparts luxury and class without garnishing the interiors. Velvet curtains add elegance to your interiors that you can incorporate into modern apartments or traditional homes.

We know how much you love your velvet curtains. However, your beloved velvet curtains require extra care and attention because of their three-dimensional fabric base and ability to attract dust. Therefore, this article offers you some common tips that you need to follow to take optimum care of your velvet curtains.

Common Tips to Take Care of Your Velvet Curtains

Using a Curtain String

It is an excellent idea to use your velvet curtains with a curtain string for operating its opening and closing mechanisms. Ensure not to touch the curtains so often. Hand contact not only crushes the fabric but also makes the curtain dirty. Using a curtain string not only saves the curtains from being soiled and crushes it also adds a sense of style to the curtains while you close and open the curtains.

Avoiding Creases and Debris

Undoubtedly, velvet is a specialized fabric, and hence you must take care of the curtains to avoid creasing and bruising. You can apply light steam at the back of your curtains. It helps in restoring the original texture and look of the fabric. However, if the curtains carry a dry-clean mark, ensure that you do not wash them along with normal curtains.

Professional Cleaning and Washing

When your velvet curtains require washing and cleaning, ensure to give them to a professional curtain cleaner specialized in handling velvet curtains. Unlike most fabrics, velvet curtains require special attention, particularly when you need to clean old curtains. It is because of multiple layers of fabrics. It is an excellent idea to dry clean the velvet curtains at least once a year. It helps in maintaining and increasing durability and luster.

Regular Maintenance

Velvet curtains require regular maintenance as they accumulate dirt and handprints. Ensure to brush your velvet curtains regularly in the direction of piles. It maintains the texture of the curtains and removes unwanted dust and handprints from the fabric’s surface. However, it is advisable not to use liquid detergents, as it does not remove the accumulated dirt and debris from the curtains.

Carefully observe and wash the rigid spots from the surface of the curtain. Instead of washing your velvet curtains with regular soap, clean them with lukewarm water and a professional cleaning agent. Professional curtain cleaning agents effectively remove the resistant spots from the curtains.

Requires Extra Care

Velvet being one of the luxurious fabrics gives an elegant look to your interiors. Therefore, we recommend you to opt for professional cleaning. However, if you are cleaning at home, you need to care extra while cleaning and maintain your velvet curtains.

While storing your velvet curtains, ensure not to fold them. Instead, you need to roll the curtains. Folding the curtains causes creases and bruises, which deteriorates the look and feel of the curtains. For best results, we recommend folding the curtains in the same direction as the pile.


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