Best Curtain Shades to Incorporate With Grey Walls and Floors

Best Curtain Shades to Incorporate With Grey Walls and Floors

When it comes to walls, gray is one of the most popular choices, especially for those who want a neutral tone for their interiors. The timeless shade also comes in an ultra-versatile characteristic that makes it can blend easily into almost any kind of interior and decor style, whether it’s more traditional choices such as rustic and vintage, or any more modern options such as contemporary or minimalist.

Furthermore, gray walls are flexible, as it blends well against almost all colors. Therefore, it can be a perfect base even for any tricky, vibrant finishes accessories, or furnishings. Since too many choices leads to confusion, and can be overwhelming for simple and easy decisions. To avoid this, this article focuses on the best curtain colors that are perfect for your grey rooms.

Best Curtain Colors For Gray Walls

Crisp White Curtains


White is arguably the ideal partner for any shades of grey. It’s not only a risk-free and easy choice but also can bring a wonderful, crisp contrast that can enhance the visual appearance of the grey walls, while at the same time will go together in harmony with it. Grey and white can be a perfect palette for any modern, contemporary, or minimalist interior. However, it can still work well in other styles such as classic or vintage.

Tan and Cream Curtains       

Another good complement for gray walls would be fellow neutral colors such as cream or tan. Either or, tan and cream colors add a warm glow to the room. They are especially beautiful for living rooms and compact bedrooms. Adding a cozy chair on the side and topping it with knitted throw pillows will turn any spot into a cozy look.

Navy Blue

Navy blue curtains are another best color to pair with your grey rooms. Although deep as a color, navy blue enhances the gray walls without making the entire room compact and dark. The ensemble will become more attention getting if you complement it with warmer-tone fixtures like lampshades, beddings, pillows, and couch.

Pink or Dusty Rose Curtains


Pink and gray are usually the color palette found in nurseries and kids’ rooms. However, if you cannot let go of the pink in an adult’s room with gray walls, opt for a sheer, dusty rose curtain. To make it look classier and more sophisticated, add olive green or red and burgundy accents or white chairs and other furniture. 

Floral Printed Curtains

Since gray is a neutral color, you can enhance it with color fusions. The best curtain pattern that will give you various shades in one would be floral-patterned curtains. 



Turquoise is a vibrant color that perfectly matches gray walls. It comes out from the gray background as a contrast. The combination is ideal for kids’ rooms, play areas, and other spaces that need more life.

Natural Green

If you are looking for an earthy trend, natural green curtains is the best choice. You can opt for olive green or one with a floral pattern. Add some native decors or indoor green plants. White furniture will do wonders to the room.


Soft lilac curtains of gray walls result in a gorgeous combination. Nevertheless, both shades are cool colors. Add some warmth to the room by adding darker shades. You can have magenta, plum, or wine furniture. All these tints go well with gray.

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