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How much width and length of each curtain panel your window need?

Curtain pricing depends on the width and length of the curtain panel. Fullness refers to the folds/waves which you usually see on the curtains. The more width you add to the panel, the more fullness it gets, and the better it looks. With more width prices increases. Ideally, you should see a good amount of folds on the curtains when the curtain is closed for a luxurious look.

Fixed pleat type of processing requires permenent sewing of the pleats which makes them achieve excellent fullness by default.However, due to this sewing technique it makes very much necessary to make sure width of the flat panel is ordered wide enough to get full coverage when this type of processing is selected.


Following tool will provide you options based on your window size, processing and fullness. Click on the following link for processing info:


Enter window width in inches

Enter length based on your choice in Inches

How many panels do you want for your window?

Minimal fullness : At this level of fullness, curtain looks almost flat when they are closed. It has no waves and natural pleats.


 No Fullness Curtain

Relaxed fullness : At this level of fullness, curtain has some waves and natural pleats when they are closed. It has medium curtain gather and density. This level fullness is most commonly used.

Medium Fullness Curtain

Luxurious fullness: At this level of fullness, curtain has many waves and natural pleats. Curtains look much gathered giving that exquisite look.

Luxurious Fullness Curtain
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