1. What is your return and exchange policy?

  Please visit Returns and Exchange for details.


2. Do you provide custom sizes?

  Yes, we do make custom sizes. 


3. What is your shipping policy?

  Please visit


4. How do I contact you?

  Email us at


5. What payment options do you accept?

  We accept payment via Paypal, Visa, Amex, Apple pay, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Elo, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Mastercard. 


6. How do I cancel my order?

  All items are custom made. We do not accept any cancelation after order is placed.


7. Can I make changes to my order?

  You must contact within 24 hrs to request changes to the order.


8. How do I track my order?

  After the order is placed, you will receive tracking no. with a link after your order ready to ship. Using that link, you can track your order.


9. Is your store secure?

  Yes. We are sensitive to the privacy of the data of customers. We use secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication.


10. In which countries do you ship?

  We are currently serving only in the United States,Canada (some territories), New Zealand, Australia and UK. In the future, we will start providing our services in other countries.


11. How many panels come in one order if Quantity=1?

Price on the website is for 1 panel. If quantity=1 then 1 panel will come in one order. Select quantity=2 to order a pair of curtains.


12. When will be your next promotion or sale event?

   We are always looking for opportunities to provide customers with affordable products. If your email address is subscribed, you will receive a regular newsletter about our products, sales, and promotions ahead of the time. You can also find that information on our website.


13. I ordered wrong size or wrong color, what do I do?

Currently we are not accepting exchange orders.


14. Do you make custom colors and cloth splicing?

 We do custom colors and cloth splicing. If you want to splice 2 different color material together, we can do it. We can also customize laces and borders of the curtains. Send your inquiries to

Checkout following example of spliced curtains

Click on following link Ethan American Spliced Luxury Velvet Curtains: Peacock Green-Beige for product details.



15. What is your production time?

Production time varies from 6 to 14 days. For large quantites and designer curtains, production time will go up. To contact us send an email to with your requirements.


16. My package is delayed?

We choose shipping method based on your choice. If logistic company experiences any delay issues, we can help you trace the package. 

PS: During this unprecedented times, logistic companies may experience delays which are out of our control.


17. Do you cover custom or import fees?

We do not usually cover custom or import fees but exceptions can be made depending on the order quantity. To contact us send an email to with your requirements.


18. Will my curtain panel width be exactly as I ordered?

No, the curtain width you receive will vary depending on the processing you choose. Prices of the panel are as per the size of FLAT PANEL i.e the size before processing. The final width of the panel will vary depending on the processing. For example, if you order a 59" fixed-pleat you will end up final width of around 35".

It is always recommended, size of one panel of the curtain must be equal to the size of the curtain rod or the width of the window. For example, if your window width is 60 inches and you want 2 panels for that window, then you should order 2 panels of 60 inches for proper fullness. If you order less than 60 inches, then your curtains will look flat with little volume.


19. Do you make different type of pleats?

Yes, we can make double pinch pleats, triple pinch pleats, goblet or box pleat. Our default choice for fixed pleat is double pleat, unless explicitly mentioned in the instructions from you.


20. Do you offer installations?

Yes, we offer installations with an upcharge only at following locations: Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, St. Pete, FL & Clearwater, FL