Kara Openable Curtain Rings With Clips Hooks


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Kara Curtain Rings With Clips

Kara Curtain Rings With Clips

Curtain openable rings with clips are used to hang curtains with the following processing:

  • Fixed pleat hook
  • Pull pleated hook
  • 4-prong hook

Easy Open and Close
With an openable curtain ring design, you can easily attach the curtain on rods and detach it for washing.

Strong Bearing Capacity
Clips are serrated and have a strong bite force. Clamping things are not easy to drop. A stronger tension clip can hold heavier draperies without any issues. Each drapery ring can hold up to 6.6 pounds (3kg).


The metal curtain rings with clips, with beautiful polished finish, no snagging, and glide effortlessly across the rod, good for hotels, restaurants, bar, cafe, meeting room, bedroom, etc.

The rings are made of premium metal, which is durable and anti-rust. Curtain rings are nicely polished and surface without burrs. 

This product is non-refundable

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Great product

Great product. Just what I needed.