T.B. London Luxury Nordic Textured Velvet Curtain - Blue


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Ethan Modern Luxury Velvet Textured Curtains - Blue

Ethan Modern Luxury Velvet Textured Curtains - Blue

We are proud to present to you our beautiful luxury velvet curtains. These curtains block 85% of the sunlight. This beautiful fabric is made of Embossed Texture Velvet. They are super soft to feel and comfortable. Fabric is thick and durable. They give a good vertical feel. These curtains work best in your single-family home, rentals homes, high ceiling houses, or hotels. 


We make customized curtain sizes, as per your needs!


Material:100% Polyester

Price per panel. Order 2 quantities for a set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rogers Schmeler

Beautiful curtains and design. A great product to make your room look more luxurious!! Package arrived undamaged and well sealed.

Arnulfo Dibbert

The curtains are installed, and the house is instantly upgraded,the effect is very satisfactory!

Fabrick Care

Fabric Care - Dry clean only


Material - Velvet/Polyester


Weight - Heavy weight

Blackout Level

Blackout - 85%